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Menominee Inter-Tribal Relations    
While the Menominee Tribe occupied a substantive area in the Midwest, the Tribe has historically maintained positive relations with neighboring tribes as demonstrated by the following documented evidenced through the Wisconsin Historical Collections. The Tribe continues this effort to maintain positive relations with all Tribes.    
Good Jobs for Wisconsin    
* 1821-1822, "the Menominee, who had a village at South Kaukauna, sold a large tract to the New York Indians."
* In 1831, Menominee and a Band of Sioux reported in discussion before the Battle of Bad Axeof the Black Hawk Wars.
* Menominee Treaty of 1836; ceded a 500,000 acre tract granted to the New York Indians.
* Menominee Treaty of 1856; ceded tract of land not exceeded two townships to the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians and for the New York Indians to locate upon.
* 1892-1893, Reference to Winnebago warriors coming to Breen Bay, passing through Menominee territory on their way-ergo, area south of Green Bay recognized as Menominee Landscape.
Resolution of Support for Kenosha Gaming    
* 2012, Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican Indians of Wisconsin Resolution: that the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council hereby supports the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin’s off-reservation gaming project in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
* Menominee would pay the state approximately $35 million a year, which is more than any other business or Tribe. Essentially, Menominee would be the state’s biggest taxpayer.
* Total payments to the State over the first 10 years of operation alone are estimated at more than $350 million.
Economic Benefits for Kenosha    
* Under terms of an Intergovernmental Agreement, the Tribe will pay the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County 3 percent of net win over the Kenosha project’s first eight years and 4 percent of net win thereafter. Payments to the City and County are expected to total more than $19 million annually. By comparison, the current shuttered Dairyland Greyhound Park site generates approximately $300,000 per year in taxes.
* The Tribe will also make a $1.5 million annual gift to the Kenosha Unifed School District. Additionally, the City of Kenosha will annually distribute $500,000 of its casino payment to KUSD, and the County will distribute $500,000 of its payment to the Kenosha school districts west of Interstate 94.
* The Tribe will make a one-time, $5 million contribution to be used for establishing trust funds to support Kenosha public museums, local services for the homeless and other area cultural and charitable needs.
* The Tribe will establish a comprehensive responsible gaming program and match Kenosha County funds up to $150,000 annually for assessment and treatment of problem gamblers.
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